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Understanding Consumer Protection Legislation

Even though creditors and debt collectors can hurt your credit with what seems minimal effort, there are laws put in place specifically to help protect you and your credit. Understanding the laws that protect you can make a huge difference on your path toward credit recovery. See below to get started on learning your rights … Continue reading Understanding Consumer Protection Legislation ...

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Protecting Yourself after Data Breaches

Let’s talk about data breaches… Everyone pretty much knows about the Equifax breach and the lawsuit following it, and have subsequently checked to see if they were affected. Hopefully, if you were, you selected to get the free credit monitoring. But have you heard about the Capital One breach? Capital One says that tens of … Continue reading Protecting Yourself after Data Breaches ...

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Recognizing Sources of Debt

While it may be easy recognizing you are in debt, it is also important to be wary of the easy sources of debt to understand potential pitfalls. Easy Access to Credit Credit card companies target nearly every sector of society with savvy offers. This can impact everyone from college students, to those looking to retire. … Continue reading Recognizing Sources of Debt ...

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The Benefits to a Good Credit Score

The advantages of good credit plays a role in almost every aspect of life. From getting a job and buying a home or car, to getting approved for a loan, starting a business, or qualifying for revolving credit accounts. We all face the same needs and desires and a good credit score can make all … Continue reading The Benefits to a Good Credit Score ...

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What to do With Your Tax Return?

With tax returns coming in, there can be many temptations on what to do with your return. Our recommendation is as always, to set yourself up for future success! Here are a few good ideas on how to use it for your best benefit: Pay down any open credit cards that carry a balance. If … Continue reading What to do With Your Tax Return? ...

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