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Credit Repair

Every client of Credit Repair Nerds of Colorado will receive their own Credit Mentor with an individually tailored plan of action. When we customize a plan of action for you it must be followed 100%, but don’t worry! Your mentor will help you by ensuring you stay on the right track. If you follow our action plan, we guarantee results.

Real Estate Preparation

In the real estate market, our credit program is tailored around the schedules of real estate lending underwriters and with all of our clients. Just follow our program and you win. 

We welcome relationships with real estate agents and mortgage lenders all across America. If you are a realtor or mortgage lender, please contact us using the form below.

How to Start

To get started, give us a call or fill out the contact form below to schedule a consultation with a CRN specialist! We will work with you to get the information needed to start a credit repair program tailored to your need.

Please be careful of companies who simply send out form letters or rely on dispute letters alone. Credit mastery involves much more than that! This is a tech-driven industry now. We don’t need to send out dispute letters on your behalf as we give you online access to our dispute process. What takes 6-9 months to do for most of our competitors, we are often doing in 45 days. Again, sending out dispute letters is no longer how industry standards are set.

Informed Results

You as a customer should have access in real-time to every account. We have nothing to hide unlike most of our competitors do, it’s that simple!

We have no small print, we keep this simple, you want results, and we work to give you results!

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