Protecting Yourself after Data Breaches

Let’s talk about data breaches

Everyone pretty much knows about the Equifax breach and the lawsuit following it, and have subsequently checked to see if they were affected. Hopefully, if you were, you selected to get the free credit monitoring.

But have you heard about the Capital One breach? Capital One says that tens of thousands of social security numbers and linked bank accounts have been exposed. Do you have a Capital One account?

It is reported that 140,000 social security numbers of its credit card customers and around 80,000 linked bank accounts in the US and 1,000,000 Canadian Social Insurance numbers have been compromised.

Although the suspected hacker at fault, Paige A. Thompson, was arrested and charged with computer fraud and abuse. It is vital that you understand and watch your credit reports. Or at a minimum, have someone that understands watch them for you. With technology the way that it is, we have instant and constant access to the information we need to ensure we are handling our financial situations promptly and with an “eagle’s eye”.

If you’ve been affected by the recent data breaches, identity theft, credit hardships, or just want the education to understand your report, reach out to us at

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