The Emotional Cup: How it Affects Finances

When was the last time you wiped away your own tears and shaking in fury due to finances?

A lot of people have experienced this or something similar and it may not matter if you’re working full-time or part-time, out of work, or working multiple jobs. Imagine every one of us has a cup that needs to be filled with emotions. Some may have a full cup with happy emotions, but others may not have a way to fill their empty cup or know good ways to refill their cup. Budgeting can help with the financial stress of life.

How Emotions Affect Finances?  There are things to consider that might be affected by your financial well-being.

  • Trouble Getting Sleep. You may be worry of what will happen in the next day or two.
  • Irritable. You may shout at the kids or anyone in the house wondering why you’re overwhelmed.
  • Over Eating. You may try to sooth your stress with food, again wondering why you feel so hungry.
  • Tired. Always tired even when you’re doing nothing.
  • Stressed. You might experience the loss of hair, loss of appetite, etc. Stress of any kind can do this.

Your judgement was probably off during those emotional moments. Maybe you said something you later regretted — or got bangs. Feelings, influence decisions.

Emotions and decision-making are very strongly connected,” says Kristy Archuleta, financial therapist and professor of financial planning at the University of Georgia in Athens. “Sometimes our emotions override our thinking process” and “flood our mind,” she adds.

To save money, please don’t enter your credit card information as you’re wading through that flood.

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