The Benefits to a Good Credit Score

The advantages of good credit plays a role in almost every aspect of life. From getting a job and buying a home or car, to getting approved for a loan, starting a business, or qualifying for revolving credit accounts. We all face the same needs and desires and a good credit score can make all financial burdens easier. Your credit calculation is one the biggest pieces to those aspects of life, and it is based on many factors including length of credit history, amounts owed, new credit, inquiries, credit mix, and payment history.

High credit scores positively impact your life in many aspects. Below are just a few examples of that.


People with a high credit score are more likely to be approved for higher credit lines and loans with a lower interest rate. They also have more negotiating power to get the the financial deals they want. Creditors relate a high credit score with trustworthiness.

Large Purchases

Another advantage to a higher credit score is the ability to snag the prime mortgage rates when buying a home, making you more likely to be approved for that apartment, rental home, or vacation rental you’re looking for. The higher your credit score, the lower your other costs are.

Work and Personal Life

In some instances, your potential new employer may check your credit report. They may base your potential pay rate as well as your ability to be employed on what your credit report reveals. Having a better than average credit rating may make you appear to be more fiscally responsible and a better prospective employee.

If you’re looking to achieve a higher credit score to see it’s benefits for you, and would like some help doing so, please contact us at, and we would be happy to help!

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